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Toyota Brake Services in Downey, CA

Toyota Brake Services in Downey, CA

Brakes are one of the most important aspects of a vehicle, and it’s crucial to be informed on how they work and what sounds they make to know when they need a replacement. There are three simple parts that make up the brake system, which are the calipers, rotors and brake pads. Most times if your brakes need servicing it will be to replace the brake pads. Over time the brake pads get worn out, and they have to be replaced in order to work efficiently.

There are a couple ways to tell if your brakes need to be serviced. One obvious way to tell is by noticing it takes more time for your vehicle to brake or that you find yourself slamming on the brakes for the car to stop. This is a definite sign that the brakes need to be checked in a timely manner. Also, if you hear a grinding noise when you press the brakes, that may be a sign they need attention. Drivers in the Downey-area looking for a trustworthy service center to take care of their brakes have come to the right place


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How often should I change my brake pads?

When it comes to a specific timeframe for changing your brake pads, unfortunately there isn’t one. It really depends on how often you drive the vehicle, your particular driving habits and how often you use the brakes overall. If you want to see for yourself, the brake pads are visible between the spokes of your wheel. First you’ll see the rotor, then the caliper and last the brake pad. Brake pads less than one-quarter inch thick should be replaced.

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Our service team here at Penske Toyota of Downey can handle everything from simple oil changes and tire rotations to more complicated procedures such as fixing electrical issues and front end alignments. Regardless of the issue, we will welcome you with open arms. We are trained to properly service all Toyota models, and we only use genuine OEM parts for replacements or repairs.

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